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Nautical management

Passion for the Sea

We offer a wide range of services to facilitate compliance with relevant regulations and regulations for boat owners, sailors, and businesses in the nautical sector. Some of the services commonly provided include:

  • Vessel Registration and Enrollment: Management of the registration and enrollment of new vessels, changes of ownership, and enrollment in the corresponding maritime registers.
  • Licenses and Permits: Processing of navigation licenses, permits to navigate in certain areas, and document renewals.
  • Certificates and Documentation: Obtaining navigability certificates, mandatory insurance, and other documents required by maritime authorities, as well as all the necessary procedures for obtaining your nautical title, renewing it if it has expired, or requesting a duplicate if you have lost it, it has been stolen, or damaged.
  • Legal and Tax Advice: Advice on legal and tax issues related to the purchase, sale, and ownership of vessels, including taxes, inheritances, and successions.
  • Nautical Insurance Processing: Management and contracting of specific insurance for vessels, including liability insurance and all-risk insurance.
  • Inspections and Reviews Management: Organization and coordination of technical inspections and periodic reviews necessary to keep the vessel in order and operational.
  • Buy-Sell Advisory: Assistance in the buying and selling process of vessels, including documentation verification, contracts, and necessary procedures.
  • Flag Change: Management of the process to change the flag of a vessel (registration under the flag of another country).
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