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buying and selling of boats

Passion for the Sea

Managing boat sales involves several steps and administrative and legal procedures that ensure a correct transfer of ownership in compliance with current regulations.

We facilitate this process, ensuring that all legal and administrative regulations are met and providing security and peace of mind to both the seller and the buyer.

If you want us to handle the sale of your boat, please contact us.

We can provide comprehensive assistance during this process or hire specific services that include giving visibility to your boat on our website and social media platforms professionally, both within and outside our extensive client portfolio.

Comprehensive services include:

Inspection and Maintenance: Ensuring the boat is in good condition and meets technical and safety requirements.

Complete Documentation: Gathering all necessary documents, such as boat registration, navigability certificates, maintenance history, and insurance.

Promotion and Advertising: Posting ads on specialized platforms, nautical websites, and social media to attract potential buyers.

Photographs and Description: Preparing detailed descriptions and high-quality photos to present the boat attractively.

Contact with Buyers: Managing inquiries and coordinating visits to the boat, assisting in negotiation and deal closure.

Price Negotiation: Facilitating price negotiation between the seller and the buyer.


Purchase-Sale Contract:

  • Contract Drafting: Drafting a purchase-sale contract specifying all terms and conditions of the transaction.
  • Payment Terms: Establishing and monitoring payment conditions, ensuring they are carried out securely.


Legal and Administrative Procedures:

  • Change of Ownership: Managing the change of ownership in the corresponding maritime registry.
  • Tax Settlement: Calculating and settling taxes associated with the sale, such as Property Transfer Tax (if applicable).


Boat Delivery: Final Inspection: Conducting a final inspection before delivery to ensure the boat is in agreed-upon conditions.

Document Transfer: Handing over all relevant documents to the new owner.

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